Summer is officially coming to an end and I am currently going to in-services for the next week and a half until the first day 9/10! Boo!! Today was fine. Boring at times and informative at others. That is all I will say :). That is the professional in me, but I would rather spend time with my horse dogs.

I couldn’t eat a yogurt in the am, belly was off. I had a mini Think Thin bar. Again, I will post this review too! I promise! This is what it looked like in the mean time…








I know the pictures are horrible. It was 8am and I was on my way in. Of course in my drive way before I set off. Disclosure: Yes I am a drivers ed. teacher and do not condone taking multiple pictures of yourself or objects in route. 🙂

I had a Quest bar for lunch. Not bad. …one more time – soon!

Then I came home got changed and went right to the gym. I am beyond exhausted!! I am drained and did not want to do anything even though my legs felt great. I opted for an hour walk on a high incline fast past. Fast for me that is… Done and out! I need sleep!

One day down and it has made me realize I seriously need to sit down and write out a plan. My BF laughed at the fact I want to run before school and he is right. I won’t get up but it was a valid thought. Thanks babe for believing in me lol JK! So ya, I need a plan. It will include:

  • Breakfast food
  • Lunch food
  • Snack
  • Pre-Workout
  • Workout routine
  • Dinner
  • Lesson planning? ha
  • Outfit for next day
  • Food for next time
  • Workout outfit for next day

And anything else I can figure out I need to do every day. It will be beyond busy and it is really going to tell me a lot about myself. If I stand up to my first challenge and rise above tiredness and be dedicated to my real love of running or will I flounder out and make excuses… I’m opting for the rise up and I literally have to! 2 half marathons a month apart and Goofy coming quicker then I could have ever thought. Oh man! Leaving with this note…

Thanks for making me realize this babe. 🙂