This week was filled with exciting packages.

Earlier in the week I received my packing from Think Thin. I tried a bar from Whole Foods last week and thought it was just okay! It was a little chalky but the flavor was there. It left me wanting to try more of their products! Think Thin bars are gluten-free, sugar-free (does have sugar alcohols), vegan, kosher, and dairy free (depending on which product you choose to eat)! They are all about a positive attitude leading towards good choices and health. It is a no brainer and something I also try to live by. I am so excited to try their nut bars and other protein bars. They sent me this little box filled with treats! The cutest package and such variety of samples. So excited!

 I also received a package from “The Simply Bar“.  The “Simply Bar” is for everyone. From athletes to expecting mothers anyone can eat it and enjoy it! They pride themselves on low ingredients but high in protein. Their website allows you to try one bar for free. Just pick where it will be delivered to *US/CAN/* and pick which flavor you want to try, go to check out, type in FREEBAR in the promo section and you have yourself a free protein bar! I tried the lemon coconut because I really enjoy light flavors that don’t weigh you down. Sometimes chocolate can be a little heavy!

I  also received 2 bars from Quest. First off I love their little mantra: My e-mail ended with the employee saying “we’re here for you whatever your quest may be”. I love that! They are a no sugar (even sugar alcohols!), gluten-free, low carb, or junk ingredients! They claim to have the best tasting bars and even let you pick one bar without paying for an entire box. They sent me two flavors. Cinnamon roll and chocolate brownie. I am really looking forward to seeing if their taste live up to their claims! They have so many other flavors I would love to try so I may just have to see how delish they are!

My last package which is probably the most amazing is my free case of Chobani yogurt. I am both a fan of Chobani and Oikos. However, Chobani seems to have more flavors and the more unique flavors. I have always wanted to try their blood orange. Mainly because I am obsessed with Dexter and he eats a blood orange. I’ve never seen one in NJ and would love to try the actual fruit but for now I have Chobani to make up for the lack of good fruit in NJ! I will most likely eat these yogurts as overnight oats or just as a healthy snack. For a long time I couldn’t eat/drink anything milk/yogurt/ice cream. My body eventually woke up from its bad dream and now I can happily enjoy and really look forward to trying the flavors Chobani has to offer. Thanks Chobani!

I am very thankful for all of these companies that sent me their products. If you ask, you shall receive. Well, most of the time. Since I am a teacher and will be working full-time it will make lunch time so much easier if I can find a great protein bar to keep me going all day long. I have found a few in the past but I get sick of things easily so having variety in my life is a must!

The bars will be on my protein bar review page when I make the time to eat write about them!

Again thanks to all above!