Still feeling sick with I’m thinking a major sinus infection. I am going to the doctors tomorrow so I should find out and get some relief by the end of the day tomorrow. 

This morning I tried the Chobani blood orange. It was good. Light and refreshing. I topped it with one TBS of TJ’s granola.

I had a Simply bar on the way to my hair appt. You can read about my experience with that under my healthy bar review page. Not bad, not bad at all.

I really needed my hair done. I hadn’t gotten it cut for about 7 months and dyed since June before FLA. The salt water killed my hair and it looked rough. My original hair dresser has been out on maternity leave. She got back a few weeks ago. However, the girl she gave her clients to is super new but really good. She is also a lot cheaper since she’s the low man on the totem pole. It was such a dilemma but when the hours didn’t match mine of my old girl, I went with my new one. I am glad I did. She gave my a half head of foils for partial price and a good cut that thinned my hair wayyyy out. Which is needed! Normally I pay anywhere from $140-200. Today, I paid $111. Amazing and totally worth it.



Fabulous. She was talking about getting sushi and how amazing this place was. I was planning on going to Salad works to build me a healthy salad but she raved about this place and I was set on trying it. I went there and saw my hair girl picking up her food and the other girls food from the salon. I picked out 3 rolls and they were simply amazing. $7 a piece of specialty rolls. Way worth it and I want more. I am going back ASAP. Maybe even tomorrow. …maybe not. I NEED TO SAVE MONEY!

My neighbors who is also my boss got me some chicken noodle soup and a chocolate chip cookie. I was full from dinner but tasted the broth. It was good. The chocolate chip cookie, not good at all. Tasted like Grandma made it, and not my Grandma. That’s good for my diet though because it would have thrown me off. Stupid for trying it but lucky it was bad. Oh well… Nighty night. Starting the week off right!