Up until today I was debating doing the Goofy Race and a Half challenge this January. It is a lot of money. I am budgeting $1500 for 4 days. I spent that for a month vacation in FLA! I know sick when you think about it!

Shannon and I decided to call Disney today and get a quote. We discovered that if you call to sign up for the race it is only $320! not the $350 on-line sign up cost. It will be around $250 for the hotel for 4 nights (split in two), my airfare will be about $200, and the parks 3 day hopper pass is $300 @$99 a day. If you add in food it is roughly $1500. We spent a good bit on food for the Princess weekend but I bet I could scale it down to just 1 Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. Deal.

I was still sick just thinking about all the hours at my horrible job I would have to work. Teaching will pay for my car, gas, fun adventures. My second job will pay for Disney and other races! I thought about getting a different job but know I have it made at my other job and have beyond a flexible schedule and can get 40 hours in weekend. I know insane crazy and I don’t get paid a lot at all! I do, sorta.

We decided to go in separate rooms, right out which race or races we wanted to do. (Shan was set on just doing the full and saving the other $150 for a different race somewhere else) I wrote out my pro’s and con’s and shall share them with you.


  • Simply amazing
  • Motivation for training
  • Optimal Health
  • 2 super cool outfits
  • Fun/not so fun stories
  • Lifetime of memories


  • A lot of hard work and not the running kind
  • Insane, or well Goofy

So with both list it was the obvious decision. I was signing up for the Goofy Race and a Half challenge. It will be beyond hard because looking at the Disney training plan, they tell you to run 39 miles. Don’t quote me on that because I don’t feel like looking it up again. However, that is just insane to even think about it. Especially since my stupid Ironman won’t even locate GPS for 3 miles, or any miles for that matter. *Note to self – CALL TIMEX!

It will also be difficult finding the hours to run. Will I wake up early and run before school starts at 8 am. That means I’d have to get up when my Dad does. Ugh. Will it be more amazing and rewarding to say I ran 39.3 in 48. Ya, I think so. It is worth every penny and I can’t imagine all of the health benefits I will gain from being so hardcore and not eating an entire jar of Nutella or a container of PB. Maybe that can be my reward – some Nutella. Not an entire jar but half one spoonful.

The most amazing thing that will probably happen is 4 and a half months from now I will reread this post and laugh at the stupidity of imagining not being able to do this.