Well the tye-dye was a hit. It certainly did not make me run at super hero speeds but it got the job done and looked great! Ha.









Anyway, we got there right on time. Picked up our packets all 4 with the same last name. Funny. My brother’s name was spelled Gegg instead of Greg and the man insisted we call him that because that is what his bib said. I happily obliged the entire day. The swag bag was awesome! Ok, not awesome but for a small race and $25, it was pretty darn good! Everyone got a Tek Tour De Lance shirt, little food goodies, wrist bands, coupons, reusable bag, and awesome sun glasses!

Piper probably had the most fun! After taking pictures with her we let her burn off some energy. The band was good too, played cover songs and sounded great!








Then 6:20 finally came around and it was time to make our way to the starting line. I turned on my Timex Ironman at 6:15 so it had no excuse to not find a signal. Well it did have an excuse because it never found a signal. Reference my post from yesterday with my hand sticking  up in the air and imagine that in my tye-dye apparel. The thoughts of others were probably great! I was more mad at the smell of garbage and just wanted to start. I knew they would most likely have mile markers and I’d be able to just look down and see the time. They had one better. Mile markers with clock time! I started in the back so it was a little hard weaving through walkers and slower runners but I finally made my way to open space!

I knew my time was good because when I approached mile 1 the clock read 11:47. So I knew I was around an 11 minute pace. Good for me after running 5 miles earlier. Mile 2 was around 23 and then finally saw the finish line. I knew I didn’t make my 33 minute goal time when I saw 34 on my own watch and just sprinted to the end to finish strong. It was way hotter than I thought it would be and my calves never loosened up. The run was scenic and so many different types of runners were there. I would totally do this run again next year!

My chip time was 34:29 (1 minute slower than goal time!) I was 688/1161. And 46-60 in my age group. Needs improvement but I’m working towards it! Shan was done in 27 minutes and my brother was in at 30! Awesome job guys! Snapped my brother holding up 35 for his new age! Boo for getting older!

Then we took a group photo and made our way to find Marcy who bailed out due to Piper wanting to dance as they ran by the band!


After not enjoying a post-race piece of pizza we headed on over to the Iron Brewery which was right next door!




I have been to the Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, Pa. I knew I only liked one beer there and was hoping they kept it after 3 years. Turns out, they did! A raspberry wheat. Its light but refreshing and hit the spot after an 8 mile day.

The menu was big. They have everything there. From egg rolls to pizza to big salads and humus. It was hard to choose! I saw a healthy section and took a look…

Nothing seemed to great for the high price. So I went with the shrimp tacos and was so glad I did! I also got a side of sweet potato fries to share with everyone. The tacos were the best I’ve ever had! The crispy shrimp layed on a bed of red cabbage and were topped with a pineapple sauce that made them so great! Drizzled with key lime aoili and had a side of tiny tomatoes that were really good and juicy! I loved them!

What I did not love was our waitress! We were 1 of two of her tables. We asked for our beers and waters since we were visibly just coming from our race. Piper got a root beer staying with the beer theme and Shan asked for a sample of the raspberry wheat. 3 beers came and that was all. So again we asked for water and the other two drinks. The two drinks came out but again no waters. We ordered our food and again asked for water. Shan said she didn’t really like beer what should she get? The waitress replied “then get wine, we have a full bar but we don’t have a blender”. WHAT! She wasn’t sure of what beer she should get so she asked for a flight. The girl was like you don’t want one of them I’ll just bring you two samples. Like really? Waters once again please? No. Our food came out and no sweet potato fries. At that point I really didn’t care but I asked and she said oh they burnt them so I made them redo them do you still want them. Which means oh I forgot to order them do you still want me to put them in. 20 minutes later they came out, everyone was done their meals but we had a few and they were good. Half way through our meals the water came and were quickly done because we were so parched! They were never refilled. We told the girl it was our brothers birthday and we wanted dessert. When they came out she was like “I don’t sing” and walked away. Wow! Needless to say she got a 10% tip. It was the lowest we have ever tipped anyone. She was just so bad.

Other than that the meal and company was awesome. The race was fun and I almost hit my goal! I had a really great time and my tye-dye was probably the reason of the happiness. oh that and family!