This morning I woke up with yet another headache. I guess it’s a migraine but I feel better now. I made some good protein pancakes. I had a picture of all the ingredients I used but since my laptop is so  great and new  old and horrible the picture won’t save! But here is the end product.

In the mix:

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein
  • 1/4 C plain oats
  • 1/4 C egg beaters
  • 1/4 C apple sauce
  • 1 chopped up and skinned plum
  • 1 TSP cinnamon
  • 1 TBS chia seeds
  • Topped with PB & Flax

Pretty good. Then went to Walmart for some cheap white tank tops to Tye-Dye for later. Picked up a birthday work out outfit for my brother. Then used a 40% OFF coupon at A.C Moores for a Tye-Dye kit. Shan and me wanted to make shirts for tomorrows 5K. For lunch I picked up Subway.

It is a Veggie Pattie with spinach, pickles, black olives, and a line of light mayo. It was pretty good. I almost added avocado but thankfully used my head and asked to try it first. It was gross. The girl squeezed it out of a bag and put it on a spoon. It was purred avocado with lots of preservatives. It didn’t taste fresh and it was bitter. Not at all what a real avocado taste like (fresh and delish). I would have rather spent $1.50 on a real avocado then on mush. I got a 12 inch, gave 1/4 to Jean and had half for lunch then ate the other half for dinner.

After lunch went to the gym with BF, did a quick lower body and ran. It felt great to run. Just did a fast 2 miles. It was enough before tomorrows killer 5k where I’m gonna kick asphalt!

Then it was tye-dye time!

I made my pattern and tied up the segments with rubber bands.

Allowed them to sit in the ash for a while. More than the recommended 20 minutes. Then it was time to color!

I started out being creative then I was getting bit by mosquitos and just squirted the dye all over!

Out it came looking like a firecracker popsicle!

Then Shan did hers too!…

Pickles wanted to join in and got a view drops of blue dye on him!

They will be resting in plastic bags for 12 hours not the 24 hours it says to. We got 5k’s to run tomorrow and need to be decked out in tye-dye H2T! I can’t wait to see how horrible great they look!

I have yellow and blue all over my hands and Pickles ear is dyed blue but all will be okay. Remember, don’t stress over the small stuff. I can’t stand when my dad freaks over the smallest things. I don’t get it. I am so lax and just let everything roll off my back because there is no need to become all angry. Don’t get me wrong, if someone hit my car or gave Pickles a dirty look, I’d be all over that! Sometimes things don’t go your way. I take 5 deep breaths and tell myself, sometimes out loud: it is okay no worries just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Then I usually end up laughing at myself because of how dumb I sound.

Have you been crafty lately?

What do you do to relax in stressful situations?