This morning I watched Live With Kelly! We were also there for this taping. They did two tapings in one day when we visited on August 1st! I was not on T.V lol. Darn! During the show I broke out the ONO’s I made last night. I thought I put more milk in but the oats sucked it right up but it was an awesome consistency! Super great and I didn’t even add any fruit to the mix. Just Oats, tad skim milk and Strawberry Oiko’s.  

 Piper today was funny. She is like obsessed with my mom and everyone else can go away! Literally she is one month over a year but acts like she’s 15 with that attitude. Although she doesn’t like me anymore she brought in a ziplock bag of frozen blue berries and asked me to open them with an “ehhffjfif” I was a nice Auntie and opened them up. Then she sat next to me and ate them for about a half hour until my mom stuck her head out and then she screamed for her. Thanks mom ruined bonding time! No it was great super sweet and loved us time between her and me!

 Lunch was simple and not very healthy. I had some Ritz crackers and a few cut slices of Primadonna cheese I bought yesterday. It is so great and nutty. My favorite cheese!

 Since lunch wasn’t much and I was still hungry a little while later I broke out another Larabar! The first one I tried was a Jocalat  (chocolate hazelnut) I still have it because I only took a bit. I wasn’t a fan but I’ll blog about that another day, and most likely tomorrow when I choke it down finish it off.

However, today I tried a peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar. It was fantastic! It was moist and had lots of chocolate chips in it! I didn’t taste much of the peanut butter flavor but you could tell it wasn’t straight up chocolate. i love the date in it too. It adds for the sweetness and really binds the whole bar together. I am a fan of this flavor and would totally buy it again. Remember, these were purchased with my Whole Foods coupon. Buy 3 bars get $1.00 off. I would even buy one with out a coupon! But $1.00 off makes anything taste better…well mostly anything! Ha!









I have a Pecan Pie one I’m looking forward to trying soon! So today’s workout consisted of upper body weights. I basically did 8 different things with dumbbells. I’ll have to add a workout routine page! Lots of free weights and will totally have DOMS very soon! I walked 15 minutes and did elliptical for 10. It was a low cardio day but I’m going to run a little bit tomorrow and can’t wait for Livestrong 5k on Wednesday! Gonna kill it! 

Dinner was homemade garlic bread with homemade tomato/basil sauce. I threw it in the blender because I am not a fan of chunks of onion or chunks of tomato unless it’s in bruschetta! Not the best dinner choice but I’ve been in a weird food mood that I need to snap out of quickly!

 Eagles pre-season is on right now and since so i’m done writing my post guess I’ll have to stalk read other blogs and listen to the birds blow.

What is your favorite type of Larabar?

What is your favorite brand of healthy bar to eat?