So let’s go back about 2 months ago when my sister (Colleen) asked me to go to a River Sharks game with her to watch her friend’s son sing in Italian. Rewind to yesterday when I completely forgot for the second time it was yesterday. i was not very excited about going but knew I couldn’t leave her high and dry and bail out. I went with a great attitude. Honestly, I did nothing all day so it was a way to get out of the house and escape the parents dogs for a bit.

SO this kid is really good. I don’t even know how old is he like 7? He speaks English and Italian because his parents do and his grandparents are literally off the boat. I am only 25% Italian but my grandmother is full so we get down with Italians here and there. My boyfriend is German but raised Italian and awesome :).

He sang the Italian National Anthem (it was Italian Heritage night) then an elderly group sang the American National Anthem. It, as always, was beautiful.

After that, I couldn’t tell you what happened next! We talked with my friends sisters the entire time. It was straight up therapy for Col! Major gossip, major laughs, some weird God talk, and a few uncomfortable moments, but over all super fun and I laughed pretty much the entire time. Thanks Col for the invite!

So today, Family Run Day 5k Sunday Fun Day…ha. So my parents were not going to do it until my Brother went to church. Somehow, he did today! So my parents went to Family Fun Day Run 5k.

So my plan was to literally run mindless. I was not to think about running or my speed. I was to concentrate only on form and listen to music. I really wanted to listen to when my body said, “okay crazy that’s enough” or “okay lazy that’s enough”. Either one would have been fine because again. FUN RUN DAY!

I asked my brother how long him and Marcy (sister-in-law) were doing. He said 6. I said okay see ya! We started off with out Shan once again. She lives far away and needed some extra sleep! I was actually feeling great during the run! I had them both in my eye sight and knew my pace was just fine. But remembered: who cares (I really did though).  So continued running and I could see cars ahead and knew I stopped somewhere about their last time and turned around to only run 5 miles. So I continued because I felt really great. Um, I should have because it was less than 3 miles. Then as I was crossing the street my brother passed me on his way back and said the 3.25 was just up ahead. So I was like ya well im going to 4.25 and doing 8 today. Then I remembered I had to run back to the car and 6 miles would be great. Since I just did 5 this past week. I turned around at the 3.25 and worked my way back. Then just as I was approaching under 2 miles left, who would appear but Shannon and Lily! I picked up the pace from there and finished strong. 6 miles total. It was an awesome run. I only looked at my iron man a few times and just went as I wanted.



As soon as I  got home I was forced into the car to go to an Italian little market for some veggies, cheese, and meat that I don’t eat. All I got was some baby bellas and Primadonna cheese!

Col was cut out 🙂

However, since Shan wanted broccoli pizza we had to get her some pizza and I hopped right on that train and got some too!

Broc & Spinach

Also got these little ricotta cakes. They were okay but canolli’s are way better. The rest of the day was spent watching Piper by the pool while my Greg and Marcy went to see Batman.

That was about it. A great run on Sunday and good family time weekend. Just felt good. I already made my over night oats for breakfast tomorrow and am going to plan my weekly miles!

Still trying to find a good, fun race to do NJEA Teachers Convention weekend (November 9-10) Any suggestions?? Any state will be good!

(Just realized I didn’t add all in I ate! a fruit parfait from chick-fil-a, a free salad from there for dinner, and some of that canoli cake among other random things)