I love to make money. I also love to work hard and feel great doing it. I just dislike very much where I work. However, its very flexible and though the hours are incredibly long (16 hour days) I know ill get through it with a pout smile on my face.
I should have slept in this am but me and the bf went to the gym. Did lower body pathetically. I was sore after my 5 miler!
Before work got some chick fil a and those sabotagers gave us some free samples! I ate all but 3. Boo me.


Grilled chicken sandwhich minus the bread because it was stale. Guess that’s why we got free samples!


Work til late but probably took about 20,000 steps so far! Sleeping in tomorrow while some of us are playing soccer fans all weekend I will be relaxing. Haha lys!