This morning it looked pretty stormy out! I knew the rain was coming so I quickly made a protein shake and got dressed and left for TJ’s, Whole Foods, and the gym!


In the shake:

  • 2 Scoops 100% Whey Chocolate Protein (GNC)
  • 4 Ice Cubes
  • 3/4 C Water 

I stopped at Trader Joe’s and knew I wanted some salad dressings. Shan uses both of the ones I got. They are super low cal and actually have a good flavor! I also tried Praline Pecan Granola. Its high calories but portion control and a sprinkle on shakes would be a good additive. I could have stayed there all day and got crap but 1. I have no money 2. I don’t need the calories! 

Whole foods was next on the stop. I printed out coupons before I went so I had some idea of the items I was going to get. Again, I am low on funds so I stuck with getting items I had coupons for. I also passed up some other granola products because paying $8.99 even with a $1.00 makes me cringe. I got two Kashi cereals, another PB that I didn’t need, 3 different types of Lara bars, and a Think Thin bar.

So all of this … $23 … not bad

Finally it was gym time! I knew I wasn’t going to run but knew I needed to burn up some cals. I decided to do the Cybex Arc Trainer for 30 minutes. Roughly burned 435. Who knows how accurate it really is but I busted it out so either way I was exhausted and sweaty! 20 minutes of elliptical. Call it a day.

Before my workout, I tried the Think Thin bar. I got Brownie Crunch. I had a $1.00 coupon and at Whole Foods they were $1.69. Total = $.69. So it was a smaller protein bar which I like. The calories were a little high but it was lunch so I didn’t mind. I would have gotten lunch at Whole Foods but it was lunch time for other folks too and it was super crowded. Ick! Anyways, my first bite I immediately needed a sip of water. It was a bit dry at first. It did taste like a powdery chocolate and I liked the added crunch to it. It wasn’t as dry as I kept eating it but it was definitely dryer then most bars I’ve had. It was good and if I get another coupon I’d love to try other products they have to offer. It was worth the .69 cents!








From the gym I got home and was starving. I made an all green lunch! It tasted good to. Fresh and raw!

In the mix:

  • 1 Over Riped Avocado (oops)
  • 1/2 cup chopped up broccoli
  • 2 leaves of Kale
  • TJ’s Ranch dressing
  • mix up and eat!

Not sure whats going down for dinner, mushrooms and something! I hope the rain keeps off because I’d like to walk 2 miles with Pickles afterwards! We’ll see.

P.S. Still my favorite Whole Foods belongs to Tennessee. For the Country Music Rock n’ Roll Nashville, Shan and I ate their 3 times in the 4 days we were visiting! 3 different ones too! Best hot bar and actual bar! Miss it!