This Sunday marks the second week I’ve participated in Family Run Day 5k Fun! I think it changes names everytime I mention it! Well I knew that I needed to do 7 miles today. I set my alarm last night to get up at 8 and leave by 830. Holy cow I actually did! I felt like complete crap this am, most likely because of all the crap I ate over the past 4 days. I knew this was going to hurt. My goal was to do 3 miles before everyone arrived at the path at 9:30.


The 3 miles were miserable. I was feeling so heavy. (not to mention the 3lbs I gained in 4 days) My legs were slow moving and maintained around a 12 minute pace. I was just hoping not to stop, and I didn’t. My knee throbbed and thought how am I going to run again!

About 10 minutes later everyone arrived but Shannon. I had a feeling Colleen would need to walk so I thought okay I’ll walk and talk with her and throw some runs in there at some point. I was happy to hear she wanted to walk/run! Shannon and Lily caught up to us and kept running by. We did a mile together then she had enough and ran/walk back. (she hasn’t run since Disney Family 5k in Feb)


I continued and immediately started to run. I wasn’t sure how many more mile I would do but suprisingly running felt great. No pains and not too hot. I just ran until I saw Shannon and Lily running back. I turned around and kept up with them and ran back to our cars. I ran another 3 miles and it was so easy! Guess the first 3 were a warm up? Ha.

I chugged some water and Shannon left Lily with me and continued on. Lily and I stretched and drank water then sat in my car before driving back home. Shannon was supposed to do 8 but then found Greg and Marcy finishing their 6 miles and turned around for a total of 5 for her.

I came home and had a plum and looked through sales papers of course. What else do you do on a Sunday. Dick’s Sporting Goods has Brooks onsale? 89.99 for pure connect and pure flow. The pure cadence are 119 but that’s regular price. Are the other two normally that price? Boo.

My brother is a manager of a T.D. Bank in D.E and told Shannon and I about this 5k race he is doing. We decided we should probably hop on that too. Its on a Wenesday at 6:30 so hopefully it won’t be too hot. Not sure of my goal time…lets see… it 10 days away. Lets shoot for 33:30. Alright, its set!

7 miles today felt great. I just gotta keep it up and use MyFitnessPal again. I also will be doing my Jillian Michael’s dvds because all that combined I will kick ass! Getting back into it again feels great. Goofy is gonna laugh at me if I get picked up on the bus of shame in Disney. Ha.

Have a great Sunday. I’ll be helping cook loads of eggplants!


Do you ever have a great run that totally turns you head? Or a bad one?