I felt like I got up early but then when I looked at the clock it was 9:56. I really need to start getting up early to get myself in a habit before school starts! Oh well. Since it was half way to lunch I made a pretty good breakfast. Not the usual protein smoothie but it hit the spot.

We went to the store and of course I bought shirts that I didn’t need among a pack of Butterfingers and King Size Reese’s. Pathetic I know. I know it is complete logic, if you don’t buy the bad food you can not consume it in 5 minutes. Well ya… half healthy… attempting to be whole healthy… probably never. Chocolate and peanut butter is just too damn good. Why create such goodness. Moderation is the key! So that was lunch. 2 Reeses’s and 2 Fun Size Butterfingers. Dinner was way more fun. Got two pizza shells and had some left over shrimp. Made a shrimp pizza and a Margarita pizza. It was good. Next time I’ll leave out half the cheese. To clumpy. Ick. But it was tasty!


  • Left over shrimp in yummy spicy sauce cut in half
  • Asiago, Parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses (on both)
  • Lots of garlic (on both)
  • Basil (on second pizza)
  • Tomatoes (on second pizza)
  • Aged expensive balsamic vinaigrette (on second pizza)
  • Baked for 8 minutes until smoke alarm went off.

My sister came over around dinner time and had some dinner with us. Then she read my blog and reminded me of accountability. Ya…we went for a run. She wanted to do 4 miles. I am super out of shape again and haven’t ran for a week and a half. I rolled my eyes and we went. I wore my Timex Ironman GPS and turned it on while stretching. I thought 10 minutes was enough to locate GPS… um no. We started the run at .75 and decided to go to 2.75 then turn around for a total of 4. I kept up with Shannon for about 5 minutes. Then it made me angry my GPS still was not picking up. I walked for about 30 seconds trying to fix it then got angry and just went with the timer. I knew the markers on the path would tell me when I was done since Shannon was about 200 ft ahead at this point. I kept my pace around 12 minutes and knew this was about as fast as I could go. My legs felt so heavy and even my upper body was feeling sluggish. Made it to 2.75 turned around and tried to pick up the pace. Shan passed me about 50 ft to the stop and she was in my sights for the next mile then I lost her. She was done and I was still trucking behind. I literally sounded like a truck. Or it could have been the tractor passing me too. Or both. Finally I saw the car and passed the .75 starting point. I always go to the car and stop then walk a bit and did just that. Finally I was done. 4 miles. 12 minute pace i’ll assume. Total time 48 minutesish.

I was super happy we ran. My hips always hurt running on the pavement but just mentally it felt great to get out there when my mind was telling me nooooo don’t do it. In the end you literally just have to “do it”, NIKE was pretty smart in that concept. It is completely true. I can count the excuses on both hands but in the end I can count just as many great feelings after a good or bad run. Today was considered an okay run. Good that I went out there and kicked asphalt for 4 miles. Bad that I got so out of shape so quickly. Well, I only have time to get it back and thats just what I will do!

Live with Kelly! tomorrow and I am super excited. I made some snack bags for everyone that included 20 pretzels and 1/4 of plain M&M’s. I’m pretty nice huh.

We’re leaving at 330AM. I don’t think I’m going to go to bed at all. Gonna watch the Olympics with watermelon and pickles (not the salty juice kind, the golden retriever) and have a sleep over with Shan and Lily!!! Can’t wait to post pics of NYC and Kelly Ripa… nighty night!