New bike shorts!

Definitely helpful for those long miles on the bike! They are Pearl UZumi and they were super cheap! Well cheap enough $25 from BikeNashbar. They felt pretty good. No riding up due to the grippers around the legs. I wish they were a little more padded but I’ll take them! Good enough for only biking 1-2x a week. 12 miles today to break them in. Almost got hit by some deer but it was worth the excitement!


Bike on!

Back on the bike today! Felt great. Minus the obnoxious wind! That’s okay I’ll take the wind just to see the sunshine! I knew my path but wasn’t sure of the distance. I did just over 13 miles and walked just under 2 miles. My legs were jello after 13. I have no clue how people bike 100 miles then run a marathon. Insanity! Well hopefully the good weather keeps on coming and I’ll be able to cross train using my bike. Give my hips a break from running. Woo!


Happy st. Pattys day. food a day early!

Irish potatoes to come tomorrow.

Today’s eats:
Reuben. Flipping amazing! frank cooked the corn beef perfectly. Moist, salty, and delish!

And an old time favorite I haven’t had in years: pudding pie! Gram crackers and pudding. Unbeatable in favorite old time desserts! Passing on the tradition :



This little sweetie also got a little fresh air this weekend!


At least someone got some sleep!

Oh and you may be thinking what the hell happened to super shred. It’s not dead just on a slight break for some yearly traditions. I have no time limit and really, you only live once! Amen.



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